In recent years, especially with the advent of social networks, it is increasingly important to have a good reputation on the internet. In particular, the brand reputation of companies is often questioned by false or incorrect news and bad reviews. It is therefore essential to constantly check and monitor your web reputation. Therefore, if you do not have analysts and tools to do so, trust Us. Thanks to a specific analysis, web consulting and to a creation of new contents, Art Studio will help you improve your image on the web.



By "web reputation" we mean the image perceived of the company brand or of the person, obtained from the comments and opinions of the users (customers, employees, competitors, etc.) published on the internet and dealing with products, activities and services. These opinions / feedback are expressed through blogs, discussion forums and review sites, social networks etc.
To analyze web reputation means to know in detail the dynamics of production and diffusion of online contents and possess the scientific and technological skills to obtain strategic data.
Increase visibility on the web + strengthening your online reputation = Creating a strong and solid corporate identity.


What is brand building? It is the capacity of a brand to "build its own presence" on the web. In web marketing we constantly talk about brands and on how developing an effective brand building helps to strengthen the business of a company.

The reputation of the brand and its fame (brand awareness), are among the most important marketing levers and greatly affect the positioning strategy. To create a brand that has a strong identity on the internet it is important to rely on professionals such as Art Studio. Contact us for a free consultation.

One of our experts will give you the information and support you need.

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